Friday, March 14, 2014

Read Review: To Sir With Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb: He shamed them, wrestled with them, enlightened them, and - ultimately - learned to live them. Mr. Braithwaite, the new teacher, had first to fight the class bully. Then he taught defiant, hard-bitten delinquents to call him "Sir," and to address the girls who had grown up beside them in the gutter as "Miss".

He taught them to wash their faces and to read Shakespeare. When he took all forty six to museums and to the opera, riots we predicted. But instead of a catastrophe, a miracle happened. A dedicated teacher had turned hate into love, teenage rebelliousness into self-respect, contempt into into consideration for others. A man's own integrity - his concern and love for others - had won through.

The modern classic about a dedicated teacher in a tough London school who slowly and painfully breaks down the barriers of racial prejudice. It is the story of a man's own integrity winning through against the odds.

The book is the author's experience of the first seven/eight months of teaching at an East London school. the writing is to the point and crisp. The book talks about respecting each person as an individual and that if you want respect, you need to give respect first.

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