Friday, March 14, 2014

Read Review: Small Remedies

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb: Shashi Deshpande's latest novel explores the lives of two women, one obsessed with music and the other a passionate believer in Communism, who break away from their families to seek fulfilment in public life. Savitribai Indorekar, born into an orthodox Hindu family, elopes with her Muslim lover and accompanist, Ghulaam Saab, to pursue a career in music. Gentle, strong-willed Leela, on the other hand, gives her life to the Party, and to working with the factory workers of Bombay.

Fifty years after these events have been set in motion, Madhu, Leela's niece, travels to Bhavanipur, Savitribai's home in her last years, to write a biography of Bai. Caught in her own despair over the loss of her only son, Aditya, Madhu tries to make sense of the lives of Bai and those around her, and in doing so, seeks to find a way out of her own grief.

This book is very different from books I have read..the writing style, the way the characters relate, the plot, etc. It's not really a happy book. It is quite intense. The writing style is like giving the reader pieces of a jig jaw puzzle, and you can see the picture bit by bit. Loved the book in a melancholic way.

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