Friday, March 14, 2014

Read Review: Midnight's Children

Paperback, New Edition, 647 pages
Published 1995 by Vintage (first published 1980) 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb: Saleem Sinai was born at midnight, the midnight of India's independence, and found himself mysteriously 'handcuffed to history' by the coincidence. He is one of 1,001 children born at the midnight hour, each of them endowed with an extraordinary talent - and whose privilege and curse it is to be both master and victims of their times. Through Saleem's gifts - inner ear and wildly sensitive sense of smell - we are drawn into a fascinating family saga set against the vast, colourful background of the India of the 20th century.
This book has drained me many characters and all tied up by the author. Historical facts and incidents beautifully and tactfully infused with the characters and vice versa. Will I read this book again? I seriously don't know..but at least not for a decade! However I do salute the author..for his imagination, control, accuaracy and remarkable narration. It is as if actually someone is telling you a story and the same time reminiscing his own memories, confusing you and creating chaos in your mind.

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