Friday, March 14, 2014

Read Review: The Gita and The Quran

Title: The Gita and The Quran
Author: Pandit Sunderlal
Paperback, 151 pages
Published December 1st 2005 by Pilgrims Publishing 
Blurb: This book has an unusual goal, one that offers to mediate between apparently opposing viewpoints. It makes a strongly defined attempt to unite the two ideas. It tries to clarify amazing degree of common ground, and the factors that bring the two concepts together.
I could not find out when this book was originally written but it is likely to be in the early 1950s. At the initiative of "Institute of Indo-Middle East Cultural Studies" (An association of scholars formed in 1955 in Hyderabad), Syed Asadullah translated the work of Pandit Sunderlal. And I must say both of them have done a wonderful job.  The foreword to this honest book was written way back in 1957, 10 years after our nation attained independence.
I have read both the Gita and the Quran, and their comparisons in the book has only reaffirmed my belief in the one supreme being. I feel amazed and at the same time disheartened that mankind do not use their own brains and heart when it comes to religion.
The book has been divided into 7 chapters:
  1. All religions are at the base but one
  2. The Gita
  3. The religion of the Gita
  4. The essence of the Gita
  5. The Quran
  6. The Quran and its teachings 
  7. Essence of the Quran 
The author has beautifully elaborated the main teachings of both the Holy books and shown how parallel the teachings are. Both faiths show the way to the one Almighty, the formless and endless being, the ultimate Creator. Both faiths teach belief, righteousness,  truth, mercy, gratitude and the right ways of leading lives.
I personally loved this book. I feel it is a beautiful and a wonderful effort to unite people who fight in the name of religion. I hope every Indian read this book. 

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