Sunshine Fruit Salad-- Healthy snack for your family

Hunger pangs in between meals area common among one and all, irrespective of age and unhealthy snacking is what we normally prefer. Instead of opting for nuts, fruits or juice, we happily snack on chocolates, fries or carbonated drinks. We usually do that because we find healthy snacks to be too bland for our taste and not exciting enough. We know what fries and chips do to our bodies, but still we give in to the temptation. But there are many ways to make regular healthy food like fruits exciting to our taste buds. Fruits can be consumed in the forms of snacks, salads and deserts. One such recipe is the Sunshine Fruit Salad. 

Recipe: Sunshine Fruit Salad

1.Mango --- peeled and cubed: 1cup
2.Musk melon ---- peeled and cubed: 2cups
3.Banana ------- peeled and cubed:1 cup
4.Pineapple ----- peeled and cubed: 1cup
5.Orange Marmalade --- sugar free: 1 and a halfcups
6.Water ----- 1 and a half  cups

Serves: 8 persons

Step 1: Melt the marmalade with the water over a low flame 
Step 2: Cool and chill the mixture in the refrigerator 
Step 3: Peel and cube the fruits as mentioned in the ingredients 
Step 4: Toss the mix the fruits in the chilled marmalade solution 
Step 5: Serve chilled 

Note: This recipe can be treated both as a snack and a desert. The dish doesnot contain sugar but is sweet due to the marmalade, mangoes and bananas. It is not recommended for diabetic people.

Variations: There can be several variations to this dish. For example:

Nutritional Facts:1 serving contains--
Fruits are great snacks with high nutritional value. With their inherent nutrients like vitamins and minerals, every fruit has a role to play in our bodies. Plus they are beneficial for people of any age. Fruits help in losing weight, improving health, regulating blood circulation and digestion. Fruits are a natural remedy against several diseases and are great antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Given so many benefits of fruits, do not shy away from them. Instead, benefit from the various tasty recipes and ways of consuming fruits. So bid adieu to unhealthy snacking and welcome sunshine to your health with a dash of fruits.

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